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What is the best way to wash tootles underwear?
Sprinkle some soda crystal detergent and then hang dry. This is the best way to maintain the effectiveness of the activated carbon filter.
How long does tootles last?
Depends on usage but should last a year washing once a week. Many people will wear it over your regular underwear to wash less frequently to preserve the activated carbon the longest.
Does tootles also act like a muffler?
While that would be super convenient, tootles technology is focused on purifying the olfactory senses more than auditory.
Do these fit as expected? Or should I order a size larger or smaller?
Tootles are meant to be snug because we want to make sure the flatulence passes through the activated carbon filter. However, from a comfort standpoint, I would order a size larger than what you would normally order.
Does tootles actually work?
Yes it does, its just science! Activated carbon is known to filter out odors in a broad range of applications.