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What is the best way to wash tootles underwear?
Remove the charcoal filter pad from the underwear and throw your tootles underwear with the rest of your laundry! We recommend cold wash tumble dry low.
How long does tootles last?
With the new version of tootles, your underwear can now last a long time. We recommend a new 5-pack every 3 months with daily use. Make sure to never wash your activated charcoal pads; otherwise the wash will render your pads ineffective!
Does tootles also act like a muffler?
Sadly... no
Do these fit as expected? Or should I order a size larger or smaller?
TTootles are meant to be snug because we want to make sure the flatulence passes through the activated carbon filter.
Does tootles actually work?
Yes it does, its just science! Activated charcoal uses a process called "adsorption" that traps hydrogen sulfide molecules (those are the molecules that make flatus stink!)