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Happy tooters

Based on 614 reviews

They are comfortable and most importantly, they actually work. Zero embarrassment from you know what!! I’ll be buying more.

Very good product

Fit well. Work as advertised.

3 Pack | TOOTLES Women's Fart Filtering Low Waist Bikini

It works

Performs as advertised. An oddity today.


Works great


I wear a small in all my other underwear… not these. They run small and fit weird. I mean the concept is great and I’m not looking to look like a fashion model in fart proof underwear, however, for the age you have to wear the tootles, please think about control top tootles. Nobody wants to deal with their “skin” spare tire being made a muffin top by their fart preventing underwear…. A little prethought before making these would have been good…

I ordered the wrong size. Should have ordered Xlarge instead of xxlarge. It was a bit loose but did it's job anyway.

You need a European Branch

They are great but I paid double after paying shipping and import tax, you need a European branch.

Works like a charm!

This product is saving me from some potentially very embarrassing social situations. My body digests protein with great fan fare and I have a damaged sphincter due to fourth degree tearing (but the resulting baby was worth it!) so the combination makes for some difficult social situations. My new Tootles undies work like magic on my SBDs! No more walking away pretending it wasn't me or having to suddenly leave the room to "make a call". My husband is thrilled! I wear another pair of regular underwear underneath so I can wear my Tootles more than one day in a row. I got a set of 3 size mediums and regret not getting size large. They are a bit snug when doubling up, but its still doable.


I am very happy with them. I was really surprised that these underwear actually hold in the smell. Thank you. I was laughing at first, but not anymore!


Nice and comfortable as well great product

Tootles may have single handedly saved my marriage.

I purchased a 3 pack of tootles for my wife who, though beautiful, can melt walls with her very distinctive odor. It’s like the smell of bear poop next to an open sulphuric spring in Yellowstone. After testing the Tootles, it was clear that the odor had diminished significantly and the time that the odor lingered had been cut by at least 80%. My wife has been invited back to my children’s bedtime routine, having been banished from their room due to her condition. As a family, we were able to watch an entire movie on the couch without having to evacuate the room. Thank you Tootles.


Great so far! It does what it is supposed to do... It is a lifesaver

TOOTLES Womens Charcoal Fart Filtering Underwear | High Waist Hip Hugger

TOOTLES Womens Charcoal Fart Filtering Underwear | Low Waist Bikini

Tootles Work

My wife is happy to be able to sleep now. Tootles work.

TOOTLES Mens Charcoal Fart Filtering Underwear | Mens Boxer Briefs

Tootles work well with discreetz filtering green pad

We who suffer from milk or red meat allergy’s don’t have to worry when we wear tootles combined with discreetz charcoal filtering green pads.

they're comfy and they work!

yup, they're comfy and they actually work. Just wish they were a little less expensive.

Excellent fit

Excellent fit, great customer service, product works as advertised. Keeps you scent free regardless of how many toots you toot! 😊

Wow! I'm a Believer!

These made flying more than 32 hours odorless & stress free! I can eat what I want without worrying about the aftermath. Wish I'd known about them years ago!

Works for me


Well I still haven’t had the chance to put my tootles to use because my toots haven’t been bad lately. Still awaiting my girlfriend to tell me to put them on..

So far so good!

The fit is great, they are soft and comfortable, and they feel supper high quality

Good to have a solution at last!

Everyone has a sense of not only when they need to pass flatus but also when it might smell particularly bad. With this product I was not able to smell anything in situations when my spidey senses were tingling.