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✅ Hides surprise smells

✅ The Best Odor Filtering Technology: Activated Carbon

✅ Relieves social anxiety

✅ Improves relationships

✅ Scent-free nights of sleep

✅ Enjoy eating rich foods at restaurants

✅ No rolling down the windows on road trips

Passing gas is a natural gastrointestinal process, which is a result of the foods that we eat. Our digestive system will use bacteria to process and ferment the food that we eat. The end result is gas, which can be composed more of methane or hydrogen sulfide.

The farts that smell like rotten eggs are often due to the sulfur-rich foods that we consume. Sulfur-rich foods include garlic, onions, legumes, dried fruit, nuts, beer, kombucha, and wine. Even proteins, like eggs, meat, and fish, which are all high in sulfur, may be especially problematic.

While some of us may have more “sulfur-based” (smelly) farts than others, there are ways to reduce the smell of your gas. 

Beware of Sulfur Rich Foods

Avoid Food Intolerances

Lower Your Fiber Intake

In the end, there are still going to be those times that you go to a birthday party, BBQ, the fair, or the ice cream parlor, which is when those surprise smells resurrect themselves. That’s why, it’s always worth having your tootles (just in case)

To maintain the effectiveness of the Activated carbon in the underwear, we recommend hand wash in cold water with a soda crystal detergent. 

1. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS IN EITHER THE WASH OR THE DRYER.  Fabric softeners will plug the filter.


3. Wash separately from the rest of laundry (just makes life easier)

4. Machine wash cold and dry (delicate settings)

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