Happy tooters

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First time buyer

I was really impressed with how well they really work. Unfortunately the size guide was not so correct. It was my first purchase but I will be buying more in the future.
P.S. will/would have purchased sooner if the price was more reasonable.

Works as stated. I highly recommend.

Excellent choice for air travel

After major abdominal surgery and the fact we all become more gaseous at higher altitudes, the product provided excellent odor control. It is a bit low in the waist, and I prefer boxer briefs, but the product eliminated any worries my discomfort from gas bothered anyone. Myself included. I highly recommend the product.

Gas-less Life

Not only that my white bamboo boxer briefs feels so comfortable, but to feel odor free even if I sometimes cut the cheese by accident!


You know, digestive conditions are some of the worst possible things you can endure and mine happens to be extremely painful as well. Chronic pancreatitis. I'm also disabled from it and spinal issues. 45 bucks for one damn pair??? I need them almost daily too. The price is insane fir ppl living on disability. Mine is 914. A month. Not enough even for basics really. Yes I'm still attractive enough to Garner interest now and then but I wouldn't dare farty as I am and the smell is atricious. It's awful. 45 bucks? You should be ashamed

Meeting the Need

My husband is a Pancreatic Cancer survivor (seven years!) and had a Whipple Surgery (if you know/you know). Whipple completely rerouted his digestive process and, as a result, he suffers from gas, sometimes gas attacks, which can be embarrassing. We didn't know there was a thing as medical grade underwear, or really anything that could help. We have tried one or two other brands, but Tootles is our go-to brand now. We both thank you for this superior product. It is meeting the need -- a need we are grateful to have because he's here - seven years later. Thank you.

Please remove the word fart from your description. It is embarrassing if anyone else reads it.

Leak proof boxers

Work very well and very comfortable

Really works

I was quite skeptical but these really do work. However, being a senior citizen I would like them much better in full brief form.

Stinker no more

All night farting with no angry wife 🤯

Didn't work

Still leaked, well made but they don't catch leaks. One pair does and the other 2 don't.


Awesome, they do everything the company says about them. They also fit perfectly and keep smell of passing gas at bay.

waiting for a response to my return request

I sent a request Return a few days ago maybe even a week ago. Then I heard nothing back. I ordered the wrong size by accident. I ordered small and I need 2X so this wasn’t even close. I have not touched or opened these. What do I need to do to get someone to respond to me? I cannot find a number to call. Thank you.

Sent Wrong Size

Bought for my brother and he used them for a day to realize they are the wrong size! Can’t return do to use policy. I understand we should’ve checked beforehand but they should’ve sent the right size as well. It was two sizes too small!!

Happy Customer

The product arrived as promised. I liked the fit and comfort after wearing a couple of times, I ordered a second pair.

The charcoal works great

The hiphuggers are not high enough for me, I need full underwear to cover my whole backside.

Perfect panty

Not only does it function like it’s supposed to, it’s a nice panty and a great fit.

As advertised

Don’t let the price scare you off, I purchased one pair after receiving and using them I’ve ordered more. If you’re tired of adult diapers here’s your alternative.

They worked until I washed them. I was very careful. I bought soda detergent. Used no fabric softener, but they lost their effectiveness.

they work

High price but they do work. Very impressive

Doesn’t work that great can’t wash them really or doesn’t work at all not worth the price

They are comfortable and most importantly, they actually work. Zero embarrassment from you know what!! I’ll be buying more.

Very good product

Fit well. Work as advertised.

Nice underwear. They run a little small.